New Vessel Construction
Welder working on Ship Vessel in our Shipyards
Gulf Island Shipyards has built vessels of just about every description – for every aspect of the maritime industry. Over the years we have designed, manufactured and launched a large variety of vessels...
Vessel Repair & Conversion
Large Ship in dock being repaired at our shipyards
Gulf Island Shipyards has been repairing boats and barges for nearly a half century – so you would be hard pressed to find any company with nearly as much maritime construction experience and expertise...
Vessel Engineering & Design

Since the early 1960s, Gulf Island Shipyards has maintained a fully staffed design team that allows us to serve our customers needs from concept through delivery and beyond.
LEEVAC Shipyards Jennings, launched the second of two PSV’s, M/V Ram C...
LEEVAC Shipyards, LLC delivers second PSV to Aries Marine Corporation

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